Insect protection net (Anti-Trip, Antiaphids…)

Our insect net limits the presence of pests in crops inside greenhouses.

They have been designed to offer the maximum possible protection and effectiveness, with the highest quality.

Its small pore size acts as a protective barrier against the passage of tiny insects.

material Material

puntero  High density polyethylene monofilament  (HDPE).

caracteristicas Features

UV Stabilized, which ensures long durability.

puntero Quite tight fabric.

puntero High toughness and transparency.

puntero Permeable to the passage of air and water.

puntero Availability of different densities: 20X10, 16X10, 10X10, 10X8, 9X6, 6X6.

puntero Service of made-to-measure pieces.

colores1 Colors

ventajas Advantages

puntero It is the most natural form of prevention in farming without the use of pesticides (organic farming).

puntero Allows air circulation inside the greenhouse, protecting it from wind gusts.

puntero Better control of the temperature and the humidity inside the greenhouse.

puntero Generates a micro climate which ensures an increased production.

puntero Regulates the entry of sunlight.

puntero They are used as substitutes of the plastic sidewards in greenhouses, which results in better ventilation.

Fabric constructions
nº threads/cm2 nº threads/inch2 Pore (mm) Weight (gr/m2) Thread diameter (mm) ShadeWind reduction
INSECT NET 6X6 6X615X15 1,39x1,39 80 0,28 9 – 30 – 34 % 20 %
INSECT NET 9X6 9X623X15 0,83x1,39 1050,28 11 – 45 % 25 %
INSECT NET 10X8 (25mesh) 10X8 25X20 0,72x0,97 1200,28 14 % 30 %
INSECT NET 10X10 10X1025X25 0,75x0,75 1100,25 14 % 30 %
INSECT NET 16X10 (40mesh)16X1040X25 0,40x0,77 1200,23 19 – 55 % 50 %
INSECT NET 20X10 (50mesh) 20X1050X25 0,27x0,77 1400,23 24 – 60 % 60 %

lupa Common enemies