Antihail net

Leno fabric or “English twist” made of monofilament yarn designed to protect crops against hailstorms.

material Material

puntero High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

caracteristicas Features

puntero UV stabilized  which ensures long durability.

puntero Flexible fabric, lightweight and easy to install.

puntero Allow the passage of light, air and water.

puntero Contain additional reinforcing threads for increased mechanical strength once installed on the structure.

puntero Fabric constructions: 2,6X3 – 3,2X3,5 – 4X3 – 5X4.

puntero Check availability of widths.

colores Available Colours

ventajas Advantage

puntero Avoids economic losses caused of hailstorms.

puntero Protects against wind and small frost.

puntero Inexpensive product.

FABRIC CONSTRUCTION Pore size (mm) Weight (gr/m2) Thread diameter (mm) Wind reduction Shade
ANTIHAIL NET 2,6X3 7,10 x 3,03 450,30 15 % 8 – 15 %
ANTIHAIL NET 3,2X3,5 5,60 x 2,50 500,30 20 % 10 %
ANTIHAIL NET 4X3 4,40 x3,03 550,30 25 % 13 %
ANTIHAIL NET 5X4 3,44 x 2,22 650,28 30 % 15 %

aplicaciones Applications